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112: Factors affecting lower back pain in pregnant women

12 Feb 2013

50-90% of pregnant women will develop lower back pain (LBP) during pregnancy. LBP in pregnancy is the primary indicator for LBP or disorder following and during subsequent pregnancies. Thirty percent of women continue to experience lower back disorder for at least three years after pregnancy. A likely influencing contributor to LBP during pregnancy is blood relaxin, the hormone responsible for softening connective tissue and affecting the function of musculosketal joints.

111: Biomarkers of chronic kidney disease and its progression in Northern Tasmanians

The number of Tasmanians that will require dialysis or a kidney transplant is predicted to reach 360 by 2020. Early detection of chronic kidney disease means that treatments that slow its progress can be started promptly, delaying the requirement for dialysis or a kidney transplant.

110: Can Vanilloids protect lupus patients from blood clots?

We have previously shown that compounds called ‘vanilloids’ are able to inhibit how platelets normally work or aggregate, in the laboratory. We now aim to determine how this occurs in platelets from ‘normal’ individuals (without problems with blood clotting) and compare this with patients with ‘lupus’ (who often develop blood clots).

109: Understanding the role of inflammoses in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) affects over 60,000 mainly younger Australians and costs close to $3 billion per year to our economy. IBD patients suffer from chronic diarrhoea, intestinal bleeding and abdominal pain affecting the quality of life. The incidence of IBD is on an upward trend in Australia. The cause of IBD is unclear.

108: Antibiotic Resistance in common respiratory pathogen

Respiratory infections are significant burden on human health and are associated with up to 2 million deaths per year worldwide. In Australia, respiratory infections such as community acquired pneumonia, acute exacerbations of bronchitis, otitis media, and sinusitis are the most common presenting illnesses for which clinicians prescribe antibiotics.