Archive Projects

Project 150 – Nursing Honours Scholarship – Jessica Lawson

01 Feb 2017

Scholarship Holder – Jessica Lawson – Research Project – Right service, right place: optimising utilisation of a community nursing program to reduce ED attendances It is known that many people attend emergency departments (ED) with complaints and concerns that are considered non-urgent/emergent. The Launceston General Hospital ED suffers the consequences of overcrowding, which can have

Project 143 – Epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): role in both airway fibrosis and lung cancer

28 Jan 2016

Dr Sukhwinder Sohal – $43,127 Smoking related COPD imposes a huge cost on the Tasmanian community, where smoking rates are the highest in the country. The most recently available data show that between 2003 and 2007, an average of 568 Tasmanians died each year due to tobacco use.

Project 126: Student Project – Honours Project – Multi resistant gram – negative bacteria in the Northern Tasmania Area Health Service, prevalence and associated risk factors.

02 Jan 2014

The inaugural Bachelor of Nursing Honours Scholarship was awarded to Thomas Heazelewood. This research project (scholarship) looked at the current prevalence of a specific class of bacteria known as ‘gram negative’ strains in the Northern Area Health Service. In particular it aimed to investigate bacteria that have demonstrated resistance to multiple antibiotics, which had been dubbed in

Project 125: Student Project – Risk Factors for Melanoma in Tasmanian population: Can targeted screening be achieved?

01 Jan 2014

2014 Honours scholarship was awarded to Isabel Illingworth. This project examined behavioural and physical characteristics of people with melanoma compared to those without to determine risk factors for melanoma. 100 people with melanoma will be recruited to attend a research clinic as will 500 people from the Tasmanian community without melanoma. Both groups will be asked a series

Project 121 – What inhibits the aqueous humor outflow pathway in glaucoma?

31 Oct 2013

Dr Anthony Cook – $39,858 Glaucoma is a degenerative disease attributed to progressive loss of neurons within the optic nerve and is the leading cause of blindness, and affects many older Tasmanians. During glaucoma development, excess protein structures form in a region within the eye known as the trabecular meshwork. How these excess protein structures