Project 185 – CHESTY – Chest infection prevalence following surgery: an international multicentre observational trial

24 Jan 2019

Ianthe Boden – $40,000


Contracting pneumonia in hospital after surgery is a serious complication and can lead to admission to intensive care, longer in hospital, and at worst, patients can die.

Previous Clifford Craig funded research has demonstrated this complication can be halved with timely physiotherapy before major abdominal surgery. Unfortunately it is currently unknown how common pneumonia is after other surgical types, like open heart, thoracic, brain, and back surgery. Before setting out to test other effective ways to reduce pneumonia after surgery it is vital to find out how big a problem it is, what things might cause it, and what treatments we are currently providing in hospitals around Australia may prevent it.

CHESTY is the world’s biggest project of this type to date and currently involves over 40 hospitals around the world. This funding will allow the LGH to lead this trial. The results from CHESTY will set the foundation for future studies to launch clinical trials investigating new ways to prevent pneumonia and mortality after all types of surgery.