Project 182 – Evaluation of new therapeutic targets in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF): insights from Australian IPF registry tissue analysis

24 Jan 2019

Dr Sukhwinder Sohal- $80,000

IPF is a highly destructive disease of the lungs with underlying pathological processes poorly understood. IPF is the commonest of the idiopathic interstitial diseases and the condition is fatal with a median survival rate of 3-5 years following diagnosis.

This project is a continuation of previously funded research by Clifford Craig. Previous work has bought some novel insights into the mechanism of the disease, plus potential ways to diagnose the disease early on. This project will take the work further with the aim of identifying specific therapeutic targets in IPF. This work has immense diagnostic and therapeutic benefits.

The investigative group (which are now internationally recognised) have recently observed that certain proteins are increased in the blood of patients with IPF, more so in a rapidly progressive disease then in a slowly progressive. They have found that the same set of proteins active in lung tissue from these patients has shown a similar trend.

The project aims to investigate if these proteins drive this highly destructive fibrotic pathology by modulating cells of the airway lining. We will be able to identify specific therapeutic targets and will have enormous diagnostic implications.