Project 174 – Effect of photobiomodulation on Cardiac and Inflammatory Bio-markers after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

21 Jan 2018

Dr Rohit Barthwal & Dr Michael Fox – $77,900.

 Cardiovascular disease is still the single greatest cause of mortality in Australia. There are more than 50,000 heart attacks in Australia each year and over 40,000 Australians die from cardiovascular disease annually.

Currently, patients who present with heart attack or risk of heart attack would normally have a stent inserted in to the arteries of the heart to fix the blockage. The sudden return of blood to an area of the heart that has not been receiving blood flow previously can cause damage itself. This damage can be measured by rises in a blood protein called troponin, a biomarker that indicates heart muscle damage.

This project is a simple novel approach to see if preconditioning the patient by use of laser therapy can reduce cardiac damage shown as a rise in troponin. The project will use low level laser applied through the skin to see if the damage to the heart can be reduced when a stent is inserted.