Tasmanian-led study suggests e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn products are as equally toxic to lungs

08 Mar 2019

Jessica Willard – The Examiner, Launceston Smoking e-cigarettes or “vaping” could be just as harmful as regular cigarettes, a new study has found. Published in the European Respiratory Journal of Open Research, the study is the first of its kind to directly compare heat-not-burn products with e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes. Led by the University of Tasmania’s Respiratory Translational Research Group’s Sukhwinder Sohal, the study found

Tasmanian Dr Stephen Myers continues research aimed at preventing type 2 diabetes

05 Dec 2018

Jessica Willard – The Examiner, Launceston New research into insulin resistance aims to unlock a window of opportunity in preventing type 2 diabetes. University of Tasmania biomedical science lecturer Dr Stephen Myers’ latest study explores the zinc activation of the enzymes responsible for insulin signalling. With support from the Clifford Craig Foundation, Dr Myers aims to target the clinical prevention

Tasmanian Dr Sukhwinder Sohal to research asthma-COPD overlap syndrome in state’s North West

Jessica Willard – The Examiner, Launceston Asthma–chronic obstructive pulmonary disease overlap syndrome remains a common, but loosely defined condition. However, a new study by Tasmanian researcher Dr Sukhwinder Sohal, aims to identify the prevalence and burden of ACOS in Tasmania’s North West. While asthma and COPD are traditionally characterised as separate diseases, Dr Sohal said many patients often

Tasmanian researcher leads Clifford Craig funded study into pneumonia after surgery

Jessica Willard – The Examiner, Launceston If a patient develops a chest infection after surgery, they are five times more likely to die within a year of their operation. It is also expensive burden on the health system, costing upwards of $18,000 extra per patient. While previous research has demonstrated the complication can be halved with timely

Tasmanian disease specialist Katie Flanagan continues research into influenza immunity

14 Nov 2018

Jessica Willard – The Examiner, Launceston   Influenza is responsible for up to half a million deaths annually around the world. However, little is still known about why young children are far more susceptible to infection. Associate professor Katie Flanagan is hoping to change that, as part of a groundbreaking research project funded by the Clifford