New Medical Research Projects Announced for 2016

21 Oct 2015

This morning, the Chairman of the Clifford Craig Medical Research Trust, Associate Professor Don McTaggart, announced the successful recipients of medical research grants for 2016. Seven new projects will be funded by the Trust in 2016 with the grants totalling $178,000 Associate Professor McTaggart said the combination of the newly announced grants with the existing

Pancreatitis Research aiming to improve early identification

14 Sep 2015

A research team at the Launceston General Hospital is undertaking a study that aims to identify a link between a particular hormone and pancreatitis that could greatly improve the identification, assessment and treatment of acute pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is an acute surgical condition whereby the pancreas (one of the organs of the digestive system) becomes inflamed

Using stem cells to help cure Glaucoma

27 Jul 2015

Clifford Craig M R has a long history of researching Glaucoma and eye disorders. Dr Anthony Cook’s new research project will continue the important research into this much needed area of the eye health. When provided with the correct signals, stem cells have the ability to mature into other cell types in our bodies. Many

Entertainment Book 2017/2018

01 Apr 2015

Entertainment Book 2015/2016 is now available to order from the Clifford Craig Medical Research Trust.