FibroScan is a vital diagnostic device that will help change and save lives

This December we have launched our appeal to enable the purchase of a vital and much needed “liver disease” diagnostic Fibroscan machine for the Launceston General Hospital.

The Fibroscan is a specialised ultrasound device that is used for non-invasive assessment and detection of liver disease. The device will rapidly improve the waiting times for liver disease assessment at the hospital and benefit patients who are at risk of cirrhosis and liver damage.

The Launceston General Hospital (LGH), the acute referral hospital for Northern Tasmania currently does not have one of these machines. It borrows one from the Mersey Community Hospital one day a fortnight. As a result of this approximately 360 people, each year are turned away from the LGH and hundreds of procedures are cancelled due to the lack of a dedicated machine. 

John, a previous patient of the LGH said;

“I was surprised to have to wait for the FibroScan to see if I had potential liver damage…after the test results showed that the fat in my liver was elevated, my Gastroenterologist recommended that I alter my diet… I had a scan 6 months later to recheck, again waiting about four weeks for the FibroScan to be available… luckily the scan showed that the fat in my liver had been reduced”.

As there is currently no funding available in the State Health Service to purchase this important item of medical equipment, the Clifford Craig Foundation is raising the funds to buy it. 

Our Chief Executive Peter Milne said the gastroenterology team at the LGH have been seeking a Fibroscan for the hospital for several years, but their requests had been unsuccessful due to lack of available funding. “This is an important diagnostic machine that is used for assessing hepatic fibrosis in patients with hepatitis C and other liver disorders, and as the Clifford Craig Foundation is the organisation that connects the community to the hospital, we think it is important the LGH has its own dedicated Fibroscan machine. Hence, we have committed to raising the necessary funds for the purchase of a Fibroscan, which will ensure best practice liver assessment is readily available for our patients.”

The purchase cost of the FibroScan machine $176,500 and we are seeking donations from you, the community to help towards the purchase of the life-saving machine for future patients.

Donations can be made through the website or by contacting the Foundation on 6777 6010.