Current Projects

Project 165 – Advance Trainee Scholarship – Dr Tony Vo

21 Jun 2017

In 2017 an Advance Trainee Scholarship was awarded to Dr Tony Vo for a research study into Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. The project aims to investigate whether hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in the community is a different disease entity from patients in tertiary referral centres in severity complications associated with disease and prognosis.

Project 164 – Nursing Honours Scholarship – Amanda Davis

In 2017 a nursing honours scholarship was awarded to Amanda Mace to research the following topic; Understanding the influence which maternal health literacy has on shaping   the   pregnancy   and   birth   experience  of   teenage mothers. In 2012 there were 11,420 births to teenage mothers in Australia, with Tasmania being recorded as having the third highest teenage fertility

Project 162 – ANZICS Trial (ICU) – TARGET

01 Feb 2017

Dr Matt Brain – $57,000. ANZICS Trial (ICU) – The Augmented vs. Reduced Goal for Energy delivery in ICU Trial (TARGET) Randomised Controlled Trial

Project 161 – ANZICS Trial (ICU) – The Spice Trial III

Dr Matt Brain – $38,000 Every year, more than 50,000 patients receive mechanical ventilation and sedation as part of the critical care treatment in intensive care units across Australia. Sedation is given to promote tolerance of endotracheal intubation and associated life-sustaining interventions, including mechanical ventilation, and to relieve anxiety and reduce stress. Thus, sedation is

Project 160 – NIV vs HFNP oxygen therapy. A pilot randomised controlled trial

Ianthe Boden – $80,000 – Does twice – daily 30 minute Non – Invasive Ventilation (NIV) sessions in the first two days following elective upper abdominal surgery prevent respiratory complications in high risk patients when compared to humidified  high  – flow nasal prong (HFNP) oxygen therapy alone? Upper abdominal surgery is one of the most