Current Projects

Project 177 – Honours Scholarship – Bachelor of Biotechnology and Medical Research

21 Mar 2018

In 2018 Alice Harper was awarded a scholarship for: a research project –  Effect of diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis vaccination on seasonal influenza vaccine antibody responses in young and old adults. This project is part of the VITAL trial and overseen by Dr Katie Flanagan  (Project 145). Many studies show that vaccines can have broader effects on the immune system

Project 176 – Basic understanding of Tasmanian older adult gut microbiota

21 Jan 2018

Dr Raj Eri & Assoc Prof Katie Flanagan – $7,000 Tasmania has the highest percentage of elderly people in Australia. The elderly group also represents a rapidly increasing proportion of the world’s population. The gut microbiota changes with increasing age and becomes more abnormal – something called dysbiosis. Recent research links such changes in gut

Project 175 – Investigating the efficacy of mobile health ECG Technology in diagnosing palpitations

Dr Kuhendra Bala – $8,756 Palpitations are one of the most common conditions referred to cardiologists. It accounts for approximately 16% of outpatient visits. Common causes of palpitation include arrhythmias, psychiatric disease, medications and metabolic disorders.

Project 174 – Effect of photobiomodulation on Cardiac and Inflammatory Bio-markers after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Dr Rohit Barthwal & Dr Michael Fox – $77,900.  Cardiovascular disease is still the single greatest cause of mortality in Australia. There are more than 50,000 heart attacks in Australia each year and over 40,000 Australians die from cardiovascular disease annually.

Project 173 – A Combined Randomised and Observational Study of Surgery for Fractures in the distal Radius in the Elderly (CROSSFIRE)

Dr Jonathan Mulford – $7,469  Distal radial fractures (wrist) are the commonest fractures seen in a hospital setting. They are particularly common in the elderly (age 60 and over) due to higher rates of falls and prevalence of osteoporosis. In Australia, it is estimated that the number of osteoporotic wrist fractures (in people aged 50