The career of Clifford Craig
The Clifford Craig Medical Research Trust is named after the late Dr Clifford Craig – surgeon, administrator, radiologist and historian.

In 1915 young Cliff was in his final year at school in Melbourne. He was school captain and opening batsman of the school XI. The following year he’d graduated, joined the AIF and was deployed to the Middle East as a private in the Desert Mounted Corps Operating Unit.

This innovative medical unit was highly mobile, based in tents, and was a response to the need to treat injured troops as quickly as possible. The surgeon commander of the unit specially requested young Cliff to be part of the team.

Clifford Craig arrived in Launceston in April 1926 taking up his position with the Launceston General Hospital as Surgeon Superintendent. He was a graduate of Melbourne University and in 1930 was awarded his Mastery of Surgery Degree. He remained with the hospital until 1931 when he entered private practice. However he returned to the hospital during the second world war as Surgeon Superintendent until 1949.

Dr Craig continued as the Director of Surgery with Dr John Edis taking up the position of Surgeon Superintendent. He retired from this post with the hospital in late 1951 due to ill health but continued as a part-time radiologist after successfully gaining his diploma D.D.R. (Melb). He retired from the hospital in February 1961. Dr Craig’s association with the Launceston General Hospital covered a period of some 35 years.

Following his retirement he accepted the position of Honorary Consultant Radiologist in addition to being a Member of the Board of Management.

Distinguished as a surgeon, radiologist, administrator, medical historian and author of many books associated with the arts and architecture of Tasmania, he died in September 1986 at the age of 90.