Project 178 – Nursing Honours Scholarship – Alex Pryce

21 Mar 2018

In 2018 a Nursing Honours Scholarship was awarded to Alex Pryce to research the following topic: Understanding patient flow through a regional Emergency Department. The Emergency Department (ED) at the Launceston General Hospital (LGH) is the major referral centre for Northern Tasmania (Tasmanian Health Service [THS]. In 2016-17 over 44 000 patients presented to the

Project 168 – Case control study on early death following Systemic Anti Cancer Therapy (SACT) across the North Tasmanian oncology network

21 Jan 2018

Dr Axel Durieux – $11,642 Chemotherapies and other injectable active anti-cancer treatments can be of great help for patients suffering from cancer, but they can also be a source of avoidable harm when used at the end of life.

Project 146 – Epidural steroid injections in prevention of lumbar spine surgery. Randomised controlled trial

28 Jan 2016

David Edis – $36,850 Dr Edis and his team would like to reduce the number of spinal surgeries by using a steroid injection instead. In the project they will investigate if steroid injections can be used instead of spinal surgery.

Project 141 – Exploring zinc to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism in human insulin resistant skeletal muscle

Dr Stephen Myers – $28,554 Insulin resistance (IR) is a disorder that is characterised by the failure of cells in the body to respond to insulin and therefore use glucose efficiently as an energy source. Prolonged IR can lead to Type 2 diabetes (T2D), a devastating disease that is intensifying worldwide. T2D is associated with

Project 137: The use of a steroid in Hip & Knee arthroplasty

12 Nov 2014

Dr Jonathan MulfordĀ  – $70,503 Joint replacement surgery is an increasingly common procedure which uses significant hospital resources. An important aspect of the surgery, which results in post-operative pain and difficulty mobilising, is the inflammation that occurs as a result of the surgery. This study aims to determine whether the administration of a drug called